Search Engine Optimization: Online Keyword Suggestion Tools

Here’s the truth:

Doing keyword research for search engine optimization is crucial for getting a your website to rank higher. But what does keyword research actually mean?

Basically, it means trying to guess which keywords and combination of keywords will attract the most traffic. Since guessing is not a science and SEO is, let’s take a look at how to do keyword research like a PRO for free.

In this list, I’ve gathered the best online keyword suggestion tools that you can use for free.

  1. Ubbersuggest
  2. Google Correlate
  3. KWFinder
  4. Google AdWords > Keyword Planner Tool

Basically they are Google keyword volume checker tools. Using them you will be able to find the best keywords for your posts and improve your Google ranking in the search results.

1. Ubbersuggest (Neil Patel)

ubersuggest keyword research

Ubbersuggest is an amazing online keyword tool.

Neil Patel (one of my favorite SEO gurus) has purchased this tool a while back and placed it on his site. You can use the tool for free.

What can I say, it’s simply the best.

How does Ubersuggest work?

You key in a keyword or phrase that you want to use, and the tool will suggest (or ubersuggest) alternative keyword ideas.

Not only that, but it will also give you some info regarding:

  • Estimated Search Volume
  • CPC (Cost Per Click in Google AdWords)
  • Competitive Level

Apparently, the results are compiled combination Google Keyword Planner and Google suggested keywords.

ubersuggest results

You can export the results in CSV and start choosing your focus keywords that will work best for you.

2. Google Correlate

Google Correlate is a less known tool from Google. It does statistic correlations between keywords searched.

Key in a keyword combination and the tool will give you other combinations that the same user will be most likely to search for.

Here’s how the results look like

Google Correlate keywords tool

3. KWFinder - Find long tail keywords


KWFinder is a nifty SEO tool for long tail keywords research.

It provides quite an extensive report showing:

  • Estimated Search Volume
  • Search Volume Trend (last 12 months)
  • CPC (Cost Per Click in Google AdWords)
  • SEO Difficulty Index
  • Detailed Overview Of The Competition (including domain and page authority, number of inbound links, SERP)

Here’s how the results look like

KWFinder Analysis Result

4. Google AdWords > Keyword Planner - Use Google For Keyword Research

Google AdWords

Google AdWords > Keyword Planner Tool is probably one of the best known tool for keyword research. I left it at the end especially because it’s so well known.

Google AdWords is mainly for creating Google ads, not doing SEO or keyword research. That said, there is a strong overlap between keywords advertisers are focusing and what people are searching.

Because of that, this is considered the main Google keyword volume checker.

The way to use it has changed several times during the last 10 years. I’m describing how Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool looks like in 2018 and how to use it.

To open Google AdWords Keyword Planner simply go to the Keyword Planner in the Tools menu:

Open Google Keyword Planner Tool

Then, you will see 2 options:

  • Find Keywords - this is actually the way to get keywords suggestion similar to your focus keywords
  • Get Search Volume & Forecast - this will give you

Open Google Keyword Planner Tool

Google AdWords > Keyword Planner > Find Keywords

Simply key in your chosen keywords and the tool will suggest similar keywords. Here’s a sample of how that looks like:

Open Google Keyword Planner Tool

Google AdWords > Keyword Planner > Get Search Volume & Forecast

Here’s how the tool provides insight regarding search volume and competition on the selected keywords.

Open Google Keyword Planner Tool

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