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Evented Programming With jQuery
Over the past several years, I’ve been actively using jQuery for a variety of things. Early on, I shared the frustration that people had around using jQuery for more substantial projects. Starting with version 1.2 and continuing with version 1.3, however, jQuery provides a powerful evented model that can be used to build up fairly complex applications using evented, as opposed to traditional objected oriented programming. The basic idea is that by leveraging asynchronous events, it is easier to model the fundamentally asynchronous nature of client-side web applications. Also, by writing components of your application to simply emit and handle events, it becomes a lot easier to extend or modify behavior down the road. To illustrate this point, I’m going to show how you can build a tab widget using evented techniques, and show how it can be extended in several useful ways.
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Getting Browser details and Version Detection using JavaScript
In this article we will go to get browser details of the web browser using JavaScript.
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Writing Javascript for humans beings with Prototype
This article is a starter kit for those who wants to shift to multi browser compatible Javascript F
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10 Rare But Clever Javascript Techniques to Improve Your UI
10 Rare But Clever Javascript Techniques to Improve Your UI
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10 Small Things You May Not Know About Javascript
It doesn’t matter how many years I’ve been dealing with Javascript – it contains many little things that surprises me almost every week. For me, Javascript means a constant learning process. In this article, I’ll provide ten small Javascript tips, mainly aimed for beginner and intermediate Javascript developers. Hopefully there’s at least one useful tip for every reader :). 1. Variables conversions, 2. Converting decimals to hex or octals and vice versa, 3. More playing with numbers, 4. Javascript Version Detection, 5. for simple session handling, 6. Testing existence of property, 7. Passing arguments for function, 8. Using document.createDocumentFragment(), 9. Passing a function for replace() method, 10. Labeling of loops (iterations)
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A complete guide for JavaScript Progammers
This Javascript tutorial gives a complete understanding on JavaScript.
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Accept Focus Until Closed
A small snippet that allows you to keep a window 'on top' of all others until closed
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Accessing and validating forms using Javascript
If you're new to using JavaScript to access forms, this is the Javascript tutorial to read
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Accessing GET parameters with Javascript
This tutorials shows how to extract GET parameters from URL using JavaScript
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Accordion Menu script
An accordion style expanding and contracting CSS menu
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